čtvrtek 24. června 2010

Invaluable Syncretism: Posting blogs

Speech-Language Pathologist, Make sense..

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  1. a paranoid blog, needs a little green in...hey

  2. oddly there is no "one" theory about god either, in fact anyone can come up with a theory abou thte divine , I have just imagined a giant beaver created the universe, of course i have no proof and i havent even collected any data on the subject , however my theory is already as good as christainity, islam , shinto and other forms on mumbo jumbo. I hope my bizarre unfounded belief wil be afforded all the respect that your bizarre unfounded belief is , and that people will hail me as a prophet.
    fknnewz há 1 ano Comentários com a classificação mais elevada
    há 1 ano 5 No, islam is a slightly modified version of christianity, which is a slightly modified version of judaism.
    But all three religions aknowledge the same stupid book.