pátek 6. srpna 2010

Banco Português de Paranóias...BPP

Evolução De BP para BPP ou involução

Da loucura amorosa que tem como vítimas os tansos de todas as idades e de todas as épocas

Libertad ou paranóia, o objectivo de uma sociedade é ensarilhar a vida em todos os
aspectos, há liberdade ou a aparência da liberdade?

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  1. Okay then! Because I am in possession of an elastic philosophical thinking cap, I can, when forced to, convert my irreligiousness to rationally believing that What Is (or if you insist...gulp...what I would mean by God) exists as follows:

    Ultimate reality consists of two parts ONLY!

    1. A 'manifestating' or 'eternally excecutive' (fundamentally physical, including all the quantum weirdness) patterning tendency/process
    1. A fixed 'Platonic' provisioning of only 'a patchy infinity' of patterning possibilities.
    [That is, in other words: every 'Platonically prescribed' potential patterns (be they physical, physiological, emotional, social or intellectual (e.g. the string/M-theoretical pattern - and of course also every other less true theory in the field of HEPTs) amount to a set of Platonic prescriptions that is quite obviously not in every respect infinite.]

    Sep 6, 2010 9:48:00 AM